2016 Highlights

The 2016 edition of Portraits of San Angelo features aspects of the city covering a multitude of enticements for the visitor and investor alike. From trades to entertainment, national security to fine arts, technology to dining out — San Angelo has a surprise waiting around every corner.

Leather Trade

Leatherwork may be a vanishing trade, but a handful of San Angelo area businesses continue to make some of the best saddles, boots and accessories in West Texas


Agricultural products which had humble beginnings in San Angelo have evolved from niche markets to reach successful demand in faraway places.

Red Arroyo Trail

Once there were empty plains with a stream of water that could be glimpsed from the road, but never explored. Now, San Angelo has the Red Arroyo Trail.

The Arts

Since the early days of civilization on the Concho River, the people of Santa Angela have been promoting the arts and entertainment. San Angelo is lucky to have a strong arts community.

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts sits atop an embankment across the Concho River from downtown. The sweep of its outline makes it seem a natural part of the river landscape.


Its small size and somewhat remote location hasn’t stopped San Angelo from becoming a center of high tech excellence.


San Angelo’s triad of large educational institutions, the San Angelo Independent School District, Howard College and Angelo State University, are adapting to the times and working to meet the needs of the thousand of students they serve.

Economic Profile

San Angelo by the numbers.

Goodfellow Air Force Base

In the 75 years since Goodfellow Air Force Base was raised from a vacant plot in southeast San Angelo, the base and its host city have become more closely intertwined than possibly any military installation in the country.


Diners can still find the standards, really good steak, barbecue and Tex-Mex — fare, but the local food scene now offers a cornucopia of global flavors.

Lake Nasworthy

Lake Nasworthy serves as the city's aquatic playground and residential resort community.


San Angelo may never be referred to as the music capital of the world, but its unique location and receptive audiences frequently attract legendary performers and rising stars from various music genres.


Water is precious in West Texas and while San Angelo has to be vigilant, it’s still a sort of an oasis in the area.